Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Mural (for awhile)

The day before my hand surgery I finished this mural. It's not my most involved...but it was fun to do! I sure do LOVE painting murals! 

S here's my hand post-surgery. I get a cast tomorrow, recovery is gonna be a bit longer than the 4 - 6 weeks w/cast...but I'm tired of talking about it...and its not very interesting anyway.

(that sounded bitter, huh?)

Next post, Halloween Party Plans

Sunday, October 12, 2008

'Martha' Golden Visit's the Anderson House

I recently returned from a trip to Kirsten and Chris's house...Kirsten had a bit of premature labor...and needed bed rest. They flew me out to help with Soren and whatever they needed me for. I'm happy to say all is well with the Anderson family, and 'Duece" is still cooking (??)

I love New England this this time of year! The first Monday I was there, Soren and I walked to the Farmer's Market and picked up some corn and a pumpkin. Soren pushed it home in his dump truck..he's sooo cute the way he runs along pushing a dump truck, chatting the whole way.
Kirsten and I put together this table centerpiece and I hung the corn on the door to the basement. (cool door huh?)

I found the idea for these skulls in a paper catalog, I thought they were so cute I had to make some....I made the ghosts for Soren.....


I love Kirsten's house...Chris did a GREAT job finding it...it's in a fantastic town, a short walk to town and nearly every house is picturesque. 
       Their's is 'The Ichabod House'    this is their gate.

I am very happy Deuce decided to wait for the Big Day...I'm thankful that Chris and Kirsten flew me out to help out, I was thrilled to see Soren and I actually didn't mind that I lost all but one game of Scrabble that I played with Kirsten (we played at least once a day). I enjoyed spending time with Chris and of course I was in my element being able to make a few decorations.

I suspect at this writing Soren is now sleeping in his Big Bed...so I got one last shot of him in his crib.....
   Good Night Soren!

Happy Fall All!