Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daze Gone By

Like my cast?

I tho't I'd dress it up a bit....

Much has happened since my last post...aside from the cast, Kirsten and my grandson Soren came for a visit. Kirsten left 1/2 way thru' to meet Chris in Hawaii and I got to have Soren stay for 5 days!!!! What a great visit! check out the photos

I haven't done ANY art since the cast...OK I did decoupage the cast...

I'll have to post some Soren/Art soon as I get them to download:>/

Thursday, March 6, 2008

2 thumbs up!!!

This whole ATC (artist trading cards) thing has given my creativity a boost! I love the format, 9-10 small spaces to work in...prompting a theme, which becomes addictive (for me anyway!)
This is my "Thumbprint" series...Kelly Ann has a small 'Klutz' book with thumbprint art to copy and learn from...the bunnies and pigs are pretty much straight out of the book, the rest are just cute little critters.
I believe even the 'artistically challenged" can produce these, give it a try!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Left Hand Art

As some of you know, I recently fell and hurt my right hand. For those of you who didn't know, I recently fell and hurt my right hand.
The day before my aforementioned fall, I attended my first ATC gathering (Artists Trading Cards), where I met many wonderful artists and...well...traded cards with them....

It works like this: 20 or so artists meet the 2nd wed. of each month at Mesa Coffee (on the Mesa) and bring 20 original art cards (2.5"x3.5") that they made, and trade them with the others. The gathering is just what I have been needing, a chance to share my art and acquire some wonderful pieces to collect As you would any trading cards, you fill a binder, filled with plastic sleeves, with some great one of a kind artworks!

So back to ME...after coming home from the ER, right hand in cast, it occurred to me that I might have cut my ATC trading short...not being able to draw with my LEFT hand...soooo I sat down and began the very arduous task of learning to draw with my left hand...
This was the result of my first attempts....I was rather proud of myself....
Within 24 hours, and alot of left-hand cramping I produced this: OBTW, any of you that know Erica, might know about her pup Clementine, who also has a cast on her "hand", so I dedicated my first drawings to her, affectionately know as "Miss Tiny".

So...this final attempt produced my contribution to the March ATC meeting...Aptly named "Everything Left".

Toast to the Post

I get so frustrated trying to put things together, such as web sites and blogs that I nearly give up...ok well I did give up on designing my web site, so Erica, my lovely and talented daughter (ok they're ALL lovely and talented) designed one for me for a Christmas present all I have to do is get the images to her! Well I at least got this far on my own....

I hope to keep this up...I hope to hear from whomever feels compelled to comment....most of all I hope you enjoy my adventures in creating my art.